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In our online store you'll find everything you need for fencing and the garden: chainwire fencing, wire mesh, posts and stays, gates, shading net, plastic meshes, accessories, synthetic lawns, sports equipment.

Tutorial on how to install perimeter fencing and the use of mesh fencing.

Rete Plastic has been installing perimeter fencing of all kinds since 1973. We have matured a great deal of experience over the years which we are more than happy to pass on to our customers.
Take a look at our tutorials that explain in detail how to install  perimeter fencing  and fence gates and how to manage the most common fencing materials and tools of the trade.

We have indicated all the products used for each tutorial.
Ensure that you have placed everything you need in your basket before finalizing your order. 

It's easier than you think: Why don't you install your own perimeter fence!

5 steps to lay a fence on a wall
How to tie a fence net
Fences for ski slopes
Christmas greetings 2019 and some numbers ...
A plastic fence breaks the wind and breaks the view
The light chainlink mesh
How to quantify accessories in a fence
Galvanized fence mesh for aviaries but not only
How to join a synthetic wattle
How long does a greenhouse nylon last?
The economical cover for canopies
How to lay a synthetic wattle
How to pull a steel cable
Wooden pole, what you need to know
The best-selling electro welded mesh
Paint on galvanized iron
Chain link mini mesh. Where and for what it is used.
How to join a shading net
The most robust roll fence
How do you use a roundabout?
Round pole. A more elegant fence post
How to lay a shading net
Leaves in the eaves? Use a fence!
How to make a fence unassailable
An electro-welded net with octagonal links
How to join two electro welded meshes
The cost effective synthetic reed screening
How to install an electro-welded mesh
Double and two-color shading
How to install a chain link mesh?
Is there a grey brace bar?
How to join a loose mesh net
Fence posts in other colors
Tutorial: how to lay the tie rods (video 2 of 2)
Tutorial: how to lay tension wires (video 1 of 2)
3 ways to raise a fence
How to fasten a round brace bar with the collar
Know and avoid the sail effect
Sports pole. The sports fence post
What also determines the price of a fence
Poultry fence? Yes, but not only ...
Would you like to recover a fence?
The Made in Italy economic fencing net
How to fix a fence to a wall
A metal net as strong as metal
4 things to know before installing a fence
Is there a light but decorative mesh?
The classic loose mesh
130x130 polyethylene mesh the ball net
How to easily create a structure
How to choose a clip for shading mesh installation
5 steps to lay a fence on the ground
Hot galvanized fence brace bar
Tired of removing weeds?
Fence posts that do not rust
What is a wire tensioner?
Online fences and communication scams
Which net to choose if your dog digs holes
How to bolt a pole to a wall
From shading net to bag!
T-Sport, the UNI 13200 certified mesh. The network that chose Juventus
The universal fence mesh
What is a tying wire used for?
Are there more elegant shading nets?
Electrowelded mesh or chain link mesh? Which one to choose!
What is the tension wire
The net to protect the flower beds
Basic green L-shaped brace for fences. Let's find out!
Shading fence screen
The robust anti-hail net
The classic fence posts
Which fence to choose for your dog
The classic woven shading net
Tear resistance testing
How to install fence screening material
How to install shading on an existing gate
How to install a fence (advanced level)
How to install a fence (elementary level)
How to mark terrain and position posts
How to install brace bars
How to install tension wires and tensioners
How to tie the mesh
How to install a single wing walkway gate
How to install a dual swing driveway gate
How to lay Panoplax fencing on masonry
How to lay synthetic grass
How to keep gutters clean
How to install WPC interlocking edging Flower Bed
Tenax Fix-Tie Re-Lock
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