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Fence: What if the Dog Digs Under?

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, the e-commerce specialized in fences and meshes. Today we are addressing a common problem for those who have a dog: what to do if your dog digs under the fence? We will see how to solve this problem whether you are planning a new fence or if you have an existing fence and your dog keeps digging. Let's get started!

Why does the dog dig under the fence?

The main reasons why a dog digs under the fence are three:

  • Some dogs have a natural tendency to dig.
  • Using inappropriate materials for the fence.
  • The fence was not designed to contain dogs.
Solutions for those who need to build a new fence

If you need to build a new fence, you have several options to prevent the digging problem:

  • Bury an L-shaped mesh: Dig a 30-40 cm trench and bury an L-shaped mesh attached to the existing fence. This solution is very effective, although a bit expensive.
  • Traditional burial: Bury the fence 20-30 cm deep. This method is simpler and less expensive, but still effective.
  • Lawn saving mesh: Use a plastic or metal lawn-saving mesh fixed to the ground with stakes. This solution prevents digging without having to bury the fence.
Solutions for those who already have a fence

If you already have a fence and your dog keeps digging, you can adopt several solutions:

  • Using stakes: Insert stakes between the posts of the fence to keep the mesh steady. This method is simple and economical.
  • Reinforcing the fence: Add additional layers of mesh to strengthen the existing structure. Make sure to do it neatly to avoid a messy appearance.
  • Trench and cement: Dig a small trench along the fence and fill it with cement. You can also insert eye bolts into the cement to further secure the mesh.
  • Lawn saving mesh: Even if you already have a fence, you can add a lawn-saving mesh to prevent further digging.
Conclusions and final tips

A final tip: if you haven't already, consider adopting a dog from the shelter. There are many dogs waiting for a loving home. And now, our video ends here. We would love to know how you solved the problem of the dog digging under the fence. Write to us in the comments and send us your photos! Thanks for watching and happy working everyone!

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