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TITLE: Making fences... but what kind of job is this?

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop and today I want to talk to you about a topic that is very dear to my heart: the job of those who build fences. I have often wondered what kind of work we actually do. Are we craftsmen? Merchants? Builders? It seems that our job does not fit into any specific category. This made me reflect on how little known and recognized our sector is.

A vaguely defined job

Some time ago, we signed up on LinkedIn and, in the dropdown menu to select our job, we didn't find a description that adequately represented us. I didn't expect to find "make fences," but at least something close to it. Are we merchants? Yes, but not only. Are we builders? Also, but our work is not limited to that. Our activity is much more complex and varied.

The specialization in the world of fences

Many think that anyone can make fences. It's easy to find a roll of mesh, a post or a bundle of wire in a large marketplace or in a shopping center. However, selling these products is different from living off of them. We at Fenceshop are specialized in fences. We install them, we handle them hands-on, we sell them comprehensively. This is our job, and we dedicate ourselves body and soul to it.

The technical challenges of our job

Let's not forget that fences, especially in professional and sports contexts, can be very complicated. On a daily basis, we have to restore or build sports fields from scratch, often with high technical difficulties. I don't think just anyone can do this job with the same competence and precision that we offer. Some jobs require in-depth knowledge and great experience in the sector.

The figure of the fences specialist

The figure of those who make fences is not well known or recognized. In Italy, there are many people working in this sector, but it is not talked about. We at Fenceshop are a well-established reality, yet our profession does not seem to have a clear classification. I would like those who make fences to be recognized for the value and competence they bring to their work.


In conclusion, I would like to make an appeal: it's time to recognize and classify the job of those who build fences. We are specialized professionals who offer a fundamental service, often underestimated. I ask you, our customers and collaborators, to help us make this job known and give it the recognition it deserves.

Goodbye everyone and good work!

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