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TITLE: 3 Ways to Raise a Fence

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop. Today, we will discuss a topic often asked by our customers: how to raise an existing fence. You might have various reasons for wanting to increase the height of your fence: to increase privacy, to prevent your dog from jumping over, or for any other reason. Here are three methods you can use to raise your fence.

1. Affix Another T-Post

The first method involves affixing another T-post to your existing T-post. This is a relatively simple and cost-effective method. Here's how to proceed:

  • Take another T-post and position it opposite the existing post.
  • Choose the desired height and slide the new post to the preferred position.
  • Use the already existing holes in the posts or drill new holes to secure the two posts with bolts or screws.

This method, although not aesthetically perfect, is easy to accomplish and can be a practical solution if you are not too concerned about the aesthetic appearance.

2. Cut and Weld the Posts

The second method is more suited for those who are familiar with tools like the grinder or welder. Here are the steps:

  • Cut the head of the existing post straight, at 90 degrees to its height.
  • Do the same with a new piece of post that you have purchased separately.
  • Place the two post pieces on top of each other and weld them around.
  • Grind the weld to make the appearance more uniform.

This method requires a bit more skill and equipment, but it can result in a post extension that looks like a natural continuation, especially if finished with a touch of paint.

3. Insert a Round Post into the T-Post

The third method, which we consider the best, involves inserting a round post into the existing T-post. Here's how to do it:

  • Make sure the diameter of the round post is suitable to be inserted into the T-post.
  • Insert the round post into the T-post, sliding it to the desired position.
  • Fill the inside of the post with liquid cement to secure the round post and make the structure solid.

This method ensures greater stability and a better aesthetic, making the fence look like new.

Solutions for Round Posts

If you already have round posts and want to raise them, you can use a round post of a larger diameter to insert inside the existing post. Alternatively, you can take a T-post and insert it into the round post, although this solution might not be ideal from an aesthetic point of view.

These are the three pieces of advice that we at Fenceshop can offer for raising a fence effectively and relatively easily. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so choose the one that best suits your needs and technical skills.

That's all for today. The video ends here. Let us know in the comments how you raised your fence and if you have other suggestions or ideas. Remember to subscribe to our channel for more useful tips. Goodbye everyone and happy working!

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