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5 steps to install a fence on a wall

Hello everyone, we are from Fenceshop, and today we will guide you through the five essential steps to install a fence on a wall. This video complements the previous one, where we explained how to install a fence on the ground. Let's see step by step how to achieve a well-done job.

1. Check the condition of the wall

The first step is to ensure that the wall is in good condition and not too deteriorated. This is essential to be able to fix the posts or make holes to cement them inside the wall. If a fence already exists, it will be necessary to dismantle it by cutting the old posts flush to leave the wall clean and ready for the new installation.

2. Installation of posts, brace arms, and gates

The second step involves the installation of posts, brace arms, and any gates. This means installing all the rigid structures of the fence. If the wall is straight, simply measure the edge to align the posts. If it is crooked, it's advisable to use a string line for perfect alignment. Pay attention to the presence of concrete caps: ensure the anchor is long enough to pass the cap and fix itself into the solid part of the wall.

3. Installing the tension wires

The third step involves installing the tension wires. Unlike installation on the ground, in this case, we can already pull the wires right after installing the posts and brace arms, without having to wait for the cement to dry.

4. Installing the mesh

The fourth step is to install the mesh. Unroll it on the ground or upright if you don't have enough space. Temporarily position it on the posts and tension wires. At this stage, it will be enough to fix it at the top to have a clear view of the situation.

5. Tensioning the mesh and final ties

The last step involves tensioning the mesh and the subsequent ties on all the tension wires and posts. Once the mesh has been placed and tightened, it is important to adjust any gates. While tightening the wires and mesh, the gates might have moved, so you will need to do the final adjustments and finishes.

Well, that's all for today. We hope we have provided you with useful information on how to install a fence on a wall. This method has become very popular since it is common to find existing walls on which to anchor the fences. If you found this video useful, subscribe to our channel to stay updated on the world of fences. Feel free to leave comments and visit our sites for more information. See you soon and happy working!

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