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Light Grey Shade Cloth... not bad!

Today we will talk about an affordable light grey shading cloth that we can define as purely substantial: Soleado Glen by Tenax.

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop and as I mentioned earlier, today we will talk about this light grey shading cloth from Tenax. Its name, as stated, is Soleado Glen. Today I will show it to you with a roll in hand because in the usual frame with the white background it was a bit lost. We will see it here in my hands, I will open it and you will also be able to see it to better understand what we are talking about.

First of all, it is important to make a premise: it is a product that I absolutely do not mind for the quality-price ratio it offers. The price is very affordable and it ranks among the cheapest shading cloths without exaggeration, but all in all, it has excellent technical characteristics. Let's discover them right away!

Technical Characteristics
  • Coverage rate: about 80%, a good rate of coverage considering the starting price.
  • Mesh: non-run weave, so if a hole forms it does not expand or grow.
  • UV stabilization: the material does not deform over time either in color or structure.
  • Material: HDPE (high-density polyethylene), an excellent material.
  • Selvage: present at the top and bottom in black color, reinforces the fabric.
  • Weight: 95 grams per square meter.
  • Available heights: 1 meter, 1.50 meters, and 2 meters.
  • Format: rolls of 50 linear meters, but we also offer a convenient cut per meter for those who need intermediate sizes.
  • Made in Italy

The uses of this product are predominantly residential. As I speak, photos of a job we have done will appear. We at Fenceshop, in addition to selling the products, also install and lay them, so we can offer you some photographs to see the final result. The scope is residential, with villas and fences to cover for privacy. It is also suitable for laying on gates and gazebos.

How to Lay It

You may wonder how to lay it. In these photos, it's not very clear, which is why I'll give you a preview of a video I had already made on how to lay a shading cloth. I'll leave the link in the description, go see all the details. The rules are always the same: tie it well and take a few precautions. There are some little secrets that I will reveal in the video.

An important aspect to know is that, as you see in the photo, in some cases we had to cut it. The standard heights are three: 1 meter, 1.50 meters, and 2 meters. If you have a railing 1.30 meters high, you will have to take the 1.50 meters and trim it. It can be cut with simple scissors and will not fray thanks to the non-run mesh. Just cut it a few centimeters longer than you need and then fold it over to reproduce a reinforcing edge where you will tie it.

Tips for Laying

Last two aspects I want to tell you about this product:

  • There are electrician fix-ties in silver grey, produced by Tenax, which match the color of the shading cloth very well. They are also UV stabilized.
  • The central wire: as I often suggest, this mesh should be laid with the help of a taut wire in front, at mid-height. Once tied at the top and bottom, at the end of the work, stretch a grey wire with a tensioner to keep it well taut. This helps the shading cloth stay attached to the fence, preventing the wind from damaging and tearing it.

These simple precautions can determine the durability of a shading cloth. Please, go watch the video and follow these small tips. You will see it is a product that will last over time with an excellent quality-price ratio. I like it a lot!


The video ends here. I hope I have given you some useful information about this product. If any of you have laid shading cloths or have other ideas, send us a photo of your achievements. We are very happy to discuss it in the comments. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and visit our websites for our institutional site and for our e-commerce, where you can also find this product cut by the meter. See you soon, bye!

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