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Are there more elegant shade nets?

Looking for an alternative to the usual shade nets? We at Fenceshop are here to introduce you to a unique product range: the Texstyle line. Hi, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, and today we will talk about these innovative products that stand out from the classic shading and screening solutions. As I illustrate their technical features, you'll see photos of the seven models from this family, to show you the transparency level of each product.

Technical Features

The Texstyle line is made up of 70% PVC and 30% PET, both recyclable materials. The seven available models vary based on the heights and lengths of the rolls, which can be 5 or 25 meters. For more specific details on the dimensions, we invite you to check the links in the product description on our website.

A distinctive feature of these products is the presence of pre-installed eyelets, which make fastening easier. This makes them ideal for high-end residential applications, such as balconies, gates, or small sections of fence around the house. The range of colors is vast, including green, black, light gray, and dark gray. There is also a "Duble" model that offers a gray color on one side and a lighter gray on the other, adding a touch of versatility.

Ease of Installation

The installation of Texstyle products is simple thanks to their manageability and lightness. These shading products are designed to be applied to existing fences, such as mesh, railings, or gates. They are not suitable for use as a primary fence, but rather for beautifying existing structures and creating a privacy effect.

The product can be easily cut with household scissors, both horizontally and vertically, without the risk of fraying. It is UV stabilized, so it withstands both cold and heat. However, it is important to secure it well to avoid the sail effect caused by the wind.

Fastening Systems

The manufacturer, Tenax, has developed a designer fastening system that uses a plastic ball with an elastic. This system is aesthetically pleasing but may loosen over time. Therefore, we recommend integrating this fastening with fix-ties, preferably in silver or gray, UV stabilized. The fix-ties can be used both above and below the fabric, and also in the middle to ensure greater stability.

Awards and Quality

The Texstyle product by Tenax won first prize at a French gardening fair, proving its innovation and high quality. The range has been expanded with new models to continue meeting customer needs. Even though the price is higher compared to classic shade nets, the quality justifies the investment.

Samples Available

To help you choose the right model for you, we at Fenceshop offer samples of Texstyle products. For a few euros, you can receive a sample directly at your home, touch the material, and see the differences between the various models. This will allow you to make a more targeted and secure purchase.

Thank you for following us. We hope that this video and text have been useful. In the description, you will find the links to the seven products of the Texstyle family and all the necessary information. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for further updates. Thank you and goodbye!

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