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Interesting Fence Details

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, the Rete Plastic e-commerce. Today we want to talk to you about some unique and extremely useful accessories for building fences. These items, although not well-known, can be essential not only for fences but also for other DIY projects.

Strike Blade

The strike blade is a 3 mm thick blade with rounded edges for safety. At Fenceshop, we use it as a strike for gates. It is welded onto the post, and the gate hits this blade, functioning as a strike. There is also an additional L-shaped component for the lock catch, which together with the blade allows the lock to close securely.

Spacer Rod

The spacer rod is a simple 12 mm diameter rod with a length of about 3 cm. We use it as a spacer for the post rod. This allows the mesh to be tied without having to make ties directly on the post, improving both aesthetics and functionality. It's economical and easy to use, perfect for those familiar with welding.

Slotted Bracket

The slotted bracket is an accessory that we weld between the post and the rod. It has a slot that allows you to attach the brace arm with a simple 8 mm bolt. This accessory is very convenient because it solves the problem of attaching the brace arm without the need for additional welding or screwing.

Single Hole Bracket for Brace Arm

The single-hole bracket is used to attach brace arms on gates or other structures. Unlike the slotted bracket, this bracket is designed for tubular brace arms, which are much sturdier. It is applied on sports gates and structures that require stable support for the brace arms. It is also possible to create an anchor plate to fix the brace arm without having to break the wall.

Panel Plate

The panel plate measures about 3x3 cm and has a small slot and a bend. It is ideal for applying panels with 5 mm thick wire. This plate can be painted or galvanized and used to secure panels on gates or existing fences. It is very versatile and easy to use.

Wire Pass Through Ring

Wire pass through rings are bent rods that we weld onto posts, mainly on sports posts. These rings are sturdy and non-invasive, perfect for supporting the weight of the mesh. They are ideal for those who want to create a custom post using materials already available.

As you have seen, there are many accessories that can make a difference in building a fence. These small, economical, and easy-to-use items improve both the functionality and aesthetics of your fences. If you have any ideas or projects in mind, visit our e-commerce Fenceshop at, where you will find these and other accessories. We also invite you to visit our institutional site for more information. Until the next video, bye!

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