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Poorly Made Fences: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, the e-commerce specialized in fences and meshes. Today we want to share with you some common mistakes that we often see in poorly made fences. The goal is not to criticize, but to analyze these mistakes to avoid them and improve your fence projects.

1. Dangerous Finishes

One of the most common mistakes involves poorly done finishes. For instance, a diagonal brace arm attached to a post, cut poorly, and with rusted tips is extremely dangerous. The solution would have been to turn the brace arm or cut it better and fold it. These details are crucial for the safety and aesthetics of your fence.

2. Poorly Made Joints

Another frequent mistake is making joints by overlapping the meshes of two or three chain link mesh. This is not only unaesthetic but also dangerous. We have made a video on how to make a good joint; we recommend watching it to avoid these mistakes.

3. Post Alignment

We often see posts positioned at different heights, creating an unpleasant visual effect. This problem becomes evident when you pull the top wire of the mesh, which will appear wavy. It's important to correct the height of the posts before cementing them, as once fixed, it is no longer possible to modify them.

4. Improper Use of Welded Meshes

Welded meshes are not suitable for protecting gym windows from ball impacts. These meshes deform easily and do not provide effective protection. It is better to use soft polyethylene meshes, like those in soccer fields, which absorb the impact and last longer.

5. Poorly Made Ties

Ties made with thick and rigid tension wires leave dangerous tips. It is important to make the ties with care, hiding them behind the posts or flattening them to make them less invasive. This is particularly important in sports fields, where safety is paramount.

6. Low-Quality Surface Finishes

Do not underestimate the importance of surface finishes. A well-done galvanization or painting can preserve the artifact for many years. A negative example is a gate exposed outdoors with low-quality painting, which rusts quickly. This not only ruins the aesthetics but can also become dangerous.

7. Disproportionate Fence Extension

Extending fences disproportionately, especially in sports fields, can weaken the structure. If a post is designed for a 5-meter-high mesh, it cannot withstand an extension of an additional 2 or 3 meters without proper diagonal brace arms. This can cause safety issues, especially in the presence of wind or snow.

These are the seven most common mistakes we have found in poorly made fences. We invite all of you to share your experiences and comment if you have noticed other mistakes. We remind you to subscribe to our channel and visit our websites and for more information and to see our work.

Thank you and see you in the next video!

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