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Double and Two-tone Shade Net

Hello everyone, we are Marco from Fenceshop and today we want to talk to you about a really interesting product: the Soleado Duo or Soleado Shade Net by Tenax. This shade net is known for its robustness, and today we will explain why it is so special.

Technical Features

The Soleado Duo shade net is made of HDPE (high-density polyethylene) with 100% virgin raw material. This material guarantees superior quality and long-lasting durability. One of the most important features is the double Raschel weave, which makes the mesh virtually untearable. In other words, if a hole forms, it does not expand.

The weight of the mesh is 230 grams per square meter, almost twice that of common shade nets. The available heights for the Soleado Duo model are 1 meter, 1.50 meters, and 2 meters, with rolls of 50 meters. For the Shade Net model, the available height is 4 meters with rolls of 30 linear meters. We at Fenceshop also offer convenient cutting by linear meter.

The coverage offered by this mesh is almost total, with a percentage of 95%, and the company provides a 5-year warranty.

Product Features

One of the unique features of the Soleado Duo is its two-tone color: one side is gray and the other is white. This makes it a double shade net, both in terms of weight and screening. Thanks to this feature, you can choose which color to expose to the outside and which to the inside of the house.


This type of shade net is ideal for residential uses. It can be used to fence balconies, gardens, terraces, and gazebos. The Shade Net model, with its height of 4 meters, is particularly suitable for covering gazebos and pergolas.


Regarding the installation, if used as a vertical fence, it is important to tie the mesh well to avoid tears. We recommend using fix-ties placed 30-40 centimeters apart or electrician's zip ties. It is important to tie the mesh both at the top and bottom, and possibly also in the middle, to prevent it from flapping in the wind.

For horizontal installation on gazebos or pergolas, it is advisable to staple the mesh all around the perimeter of the structure and pull wires above it to prevent the mesh from lifting in the wind.

Cutting and Finishing

The Soleado Duo mesh can be easily cut with sharp scissors. However, cutting may cause fraying. To avoid this, we recommend folding the edges and tying them, or heating them with a lighter to seal the threads and achieve a better finish.

In conclusion, the Soleado Duo is a relatively young product but has already proven to be very robust and of high quality. The two-tone color allows for aesthetic play, also providing a lot of brightness in the white version. If you have suggestions or experiences to share, leave a comment. Remember to subscribe to our channel for more updates. Bye everyone!

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