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The Most Robust Plastic Mesh

Hello everyone, we are the Fenceshop team, the e-commerce specializing in meshes and fences. Today we present a truly unique plastic mesh, produced by Tenax and marketed under the name Cintoflex. This mesh is available in four variants: E, M, D, and C-Flex, each with different mesh sizes and characteristics. Let's discover all its peculiarities together.

Technical Characteristics

The Cintoflex mesh is made 100% from polypropylene, a material that makes it lightweight and extremely resistant. Thanks to a special molecular orientation system, the mesh is extremely robust both longitudinally and transversely. This grants it extraordinary resistance, to the point that even if it slightly deforms under strong tension, it does not tear.

The Cintoflex variants are available in 100-meter rolls and are differentiated by the mesh size, which varies in millimeters. At Fenceshop, we also offer a convenient cutting service by the meter for all variants, thus facilitating the purchase of exactly the necessary amount.

Main Uses

This mesh is ideal for a wide range of applications, especially in the field of farming. It can be used for:

  • Pet enclosures
  • Birdcages and aviaries
  • Chicken coops
  • Suspended ceilings to prevent falling debris (note, it is not certified for this use)
  • Barriers to prevent pigeon entry

Cintoflex is also unaffected by bird droppings and marine corrosion, thus ensuring long-lasting durability. It does not rust, resists UV rays, maintains its color, and is easy to install.


Installing the Cintoflex mesh is very simple. It can be tied with binding wire, fixed with staples on wooden structures, or with fix-ties. Its ease of installation makes it suitable even for those with little DIY experience. In our installation difficulty rating system from 1 to 5, Cintoflex scores a level 2.

Another advantage is that despite its robustness, the mesh can be cut with regular household scissors and bent without losing its original shape. However, a small drawback is that it has spikes on the top and bottom of the roll, so it is not bordered.

Usage Tips

Regarding the posts to use, we recommend wooden posts with staples or iron posts. A particularly recommended use for the C-Flex variant with 45 x 50 mm mesh is as a cover for chicken coops. However, be cautious of snowfall: the mesh is not sufficiently wide to support a heavy accumulation of snow, which could collapse the chicken coop structure.

One last curiosity: the C-Flex is the best-selling Tenax product in the United States, primarily used to prevent wild animal intrusions.


We hope this explanation has conveyed the potential of the Cintoflex mesh, often underestimated by the market. If you have any questions or comments, leave a message below. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and visit our websites for the institutional site and for the e-commerce site, where you can also find these products cut by the meter. Until the next video, goodbye!

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