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The classic shading fabric

Hello everyone, I’m Marco from Fenceshop and today we’re going to talk about the classic fence shade cover, the Soleado Pro. Let’s start with some technical features of this essential product for those looking for an effective solution for privacy and sun protection.

Technical features of Soleado Pro

The Soleado Pro is a shade cover made of high-density polyethylene strands with raschel weaving. This material is particularly resistant: even if a hole is created, it does not enlarge thanks to the inelastic and blocked mesh. The product is available in nine different heights and is sold in rolls of 50 or 100 meters, but at Fenceshop we also offer linear meter cuts for added convenience.

Regarding cover, the Soleado Pro blocks about 80%. This means that, placing a hand behind the fabric, you will only see the shadow and not the details. However, transparency may vary depending on the direction of sunlight. If the sun shines directly on the cover, some transparency will be noticeable, while with the sun behind the fabric, the effect will be much less visible.

Uses of Soleado Pro

Soleado Pro is a versatile product, suitable for various contexts:

  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Sports (for example, to cover the view on tennis courts)
Installing Soleado Pro

The installation of Soleado Pro can be done both vertically, for example on a fence, and horizontally, such as on a gazebo to create shade. The difficulty level of the installation is very low, we classify it as 2 out of 5, thanks to the lightweight and manageable fabric that can be easily cut.

Attachment and durability

An essential aspect is the attachment. Soleado Pro must be bound well, in multiple points, approximately every 20 centimeters. You can use binding wires or mesh hooks that better distribute the wind force, avoiding the sail effect that could tear the fabric. Furthermore, it is advisable to stretch a wire in front of the fabric to keep it attached to the fence even in the presence of wind.

To prevent the fabric from fraying, it is useful to create a turned-up edge, like the hem of pants, which reinforces the fabric and makes binding easier. Even if it starts to fray, the inelastic chain link mesh will prevent the process from continuing along the whole mesh.

Tips and curiosities

A common problem is the sail effect. All shade fabrics, regardless of size and thickness, can create a sail effect with the wind. For example, at a construction site in Tortona, a shade fabric placed on a fence caused it to fall over at the first wind gust. This shows the importance of reinforcing the fence with closer and stronger posts and appropriate braces.

In terms of durability, the Soleado Pro is UV protected and guaranteed for 5 years, made in Italy. Its longevity largely depends on how it is attached. If bound correctly, the fabric will not easily deteriorate or tear.

Finally, if the height of the fence does not correspond to one of the nine available heights, don’t worry. The Soleado Pro is easily manageable and can be shortened or cut to perfectly fit your fence.


I hope this information has been useful. We will continue to share more details and tips in upcoming videos. Remember to subscribe to our channel and visit our website for more information and products. Goodbye everyone!

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