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Sport Post: The Sports Fence Post

Hello everyone, it’s us from Fenceshop and today we’ll talk about sports posts. What characteristics should they have and what are their peculiarities? Let’s find out together.

Characteristics of the Sports Post

First of all, our sports post is a hot-dip galvanized round post. This hot-dip galvanization process ensures protection against rust and long-lasting durability over time. The main characteristic of our post is the diameter, which can vary between 48, 60, and 76 mm, depending on the desired height. The thicknesses are 2 mm for the 48 and 60 mm diameters, while the 76 mm diameter has a thickness of 3 mm, making it particularly robust.

Available Heights

Being manufacturers, we can customize the heights of the posts, but generally, we have standardized eight typical heights for fences. This allows us to meet different needs, whether sporting, residential, or agricultural.

Components of the Post

The post consists of a hot-dip galvanized tube, metal wire pass rings, and a plastic top cap. The wire pass rings are welded to the post and then galvanized, ensuring greater strength and durability.

Uses of the Sports Post
  • Sports facilities: Ideal for soccer, futsal, basketball, volleyball, and handball fields. The wire pass rings are positioned inside the field to protect players.
  • Residential: Also suitable for residential fences, especially if painted for a more elegant touch.
  • Agricultural: It can also be used to fence agricultural land thanks to its robustness.
Installing the Sports Post

The installation of the sports post is done like traditional posts, but care must be taken with the round section that can be more difficult to insert into the concrete. For taller posts, such as those of 6 meters, it is advisable to use a wider tube in the concrete base and then insert the post, securing it with wooden wedges and liquid concrete.

Post vs. Tube

It is important to distinguish a real post from a simple tube. A sports post must have wire pass rings welded, which allow it to support the weight of the mesh. A tube, even if galvanized, does not offer the same guarantee of stability and safety, especially in sports facilities where stresses are greater.

Final Tips

When buying a sports post, pay attention to the quality and construction. A post with welded and hot-dip galvanized wire pass rings is a safe and long-lasting investment. Beware of solutions that seem economical but do not offer the same robustness and reliability.

Well, that’s all for today. We just need to say goodbye, invite you to subscribe to our channel, and visit our websites. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to us!

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